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Airweave Mattress Reviews

Looking for an ultra-firm mattress? The Airweave brand story is an incredible one: a fishing line company that launched a revolutionary mattress with similar material. The mattresses they produce are great for folks that need more support. Their original Airweave mattress offers an ultra-firm feel that remains ultra-durable with its airfiber® technology. If you are a stomach sleeper or need a very firm mattress, take a look at the airweave. It could be what you are looking for.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.8/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.8/10

Price Value: 8.9/10

No Back Pain: 9/10

Price: $3350-$7060

Trial Period: 100 Nights

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Airweave's Specifics

Airweave got their start and are still best known for their very firm mattresses. However, with their very firm, slim original Airweave Mattress, they also have adapted to customer feedback to craft a slightly softer version, the original Airweave Mattress Advanced for those that still required a very firm mattress, but wanted some additional cushioning.

Airweave has gone through some recent innovations -- with their addition of two 'new' mattresses, the New Airweave Mattress and the New Airweave Mattress Advanced, offering additional cushioning on their original designs.

We'll go through the ins and outs of these four mattresses and their construction below.

Quality of Materials

Airweave's technology was first developed in fishing line, but was later converted and transformed for use in mattresses. The secret lies in the Airfiber technology that has superior airflow but widespread evenness of support. This material is highly durable and firm in its advanced mesh structure, and it is used in each of their mattresses.

We'll go through what's inside each of their mattresses specifically and discuss what the differences are.

Here is what's inside their now less-firm New Airweave Mattress:

Layer 1: The outer cover is made of 100% polyester with a moisture wicking cooling feel.

Layer 2: A pillow top layer fits underneath the outer cover, but above the main Airweave cushion layer.

Layer 3: The cushion layer features three 4'' polyethylene Airfiber cushions. These are extremely firm and can take a good amount of pressure and weight until it contours, which is ideal for stomach sleepers. These are wrapped in an inner cover so they stay secure while sleeping.

Now, if that sounds too firm for your liking, here is what's inside their softer New Airweave Mattress Advanced:

Layer 1: Similar to the other versions, outer cover is made of 100% polyester so it is moisture wicking.

Layer 2: Not one but two removable pillow top layers provide more cushioning for side sleepers and work to alleviate pressure points.

Layer 3: The cushion layer features three 4'' polyethylene Airfiber cushions. These are similar to the extremely firm cushion layers that have minimal give as the original mattress, but offer dual mode sides that feature a flippable modularity in the mattress. By adapting these, sleepers can create three support zones to better cradle the spine and cut down on pressure points.

Here is what's inside their Original Airweave Mattress:

Layer 1: The outer cover is made of 100% polyester so it is moisture wicking, but does not 'stretch to fit' the mattress. It hangs on the mattress.

Layer 2: The cushion layer features two 4'' polyethylene Airfiber cushions. These are extremely firm and can take a good amount of pressure and weight until it contours.

Lastly, here is what's inside their Original Airweave Mattress Advanced:

Layer 1: The outer cover is made of 100% polyester so it is moisture wicking, but does not 'stretch to fit' the mattress. It hangs on the mattress.

Layer 2: There is a removable pillow top layer that is made of polyester and provides a very small amount of cushion.

Layer 4: The cushion layer features three 4'' polyethylene Airfiber cushions. These are the same extremely firm cushion layers that have minimal give as the original mattress.

Overall Comfort

These mattresses are a firm lover's dream, especially the Airweave and New Airweave mattresses. They are not quite as firm as sleeping on a solid surface, but they are pretty close. The Advanced provides a very small amount of softness with the New Advanced Mattress providing a well-balanced comfort versus the other options with their modular zones and two pillow tops.


As mentioned, most of Airweave's mattresses are very firm. They do exceptionally well for those that are stomach sleepers or are used to floor sleeping. Those that are side sleepers will do better with the New Advanced option.

Back Pain Relief

Stomach sleepers will likely find relief. Those that are side sleepers or back sleepers may do better depending on body size. Those that are larger sleepers or used to tatami mats, may find relief versus soft or sagging mattresses. Those that are slimmer side sleepers and adapted to softer mattresses may experience some need for adjustment.


These mattresses do a superb job cooling due to the airflow from the Airfiber cushions and they should stay cool for all sleepers.

Who Are Airweave Mattresses Best For?

Because of the firmness rating of these mattresses, we'd describe Airweave mattresses as exceptional for firm lovers and those with larger body types that need more support.

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Super Firm & Great

I know I like mattresses as firm as they can be. This meets the requirement and it gives just enough on the pressure points not to cause pain on my body. I get a very deep sleep and I wake up incredibly well recovered. I believe we all move a least a bit during the night, and the firmness of this mattress helps me do it with ease so I don't wake/notice and have a solid night of sleep the entire night. This is among the best findings to help me improve my wellbeing.

King size mattress

The product itself is great. However, the delivery crew had hard time carrying the mattress from the truck bed to the front door, which is only 20 feet with no steps and no obstacle. They ended up removing the box, holding onto the plastic wrapper. By the time They got it in the front door, parts of the plastic wrapper tearing, there were little scratches on the mattress cover. I took it as is. It would be good to design the product so it is easy for owners to moving the mattress around, and for delivery crew to deliver it without damaging product.



Airweave mattress review

Great choice. Lived in Shanghai for 3 years - miss the bed there most of all. The Airweave is the closest thing we have found in terms of firmness and support. Not for everyone, though.

Nice firm mattress

Takes some time getting used to. But after a month it’s one of the best mattress used


Nice firmness.

It's really firm!

I bought this because I was having some back issues and needed a firm mattress that won't collapse on me over time. I did a lot of research and finally decided to give Airweave a try! It's very nicely build and super breathable. It's winter now but I'm sure this will be nice during summer time. The only thing is, it's really really firm! I sleep both on my back and side, and my husband is a side sleeper. So we couldn't get adjusted to it for the first month. It's just too firm!! Their website said you shouldn't be using mattress toppers and surely any cushion material was just making it worse(we've tried a feather pad and a thick fiber topper from ikea). The air fiber is suppose to form around your body and the mattress topper takes that flexibility away making it even firmer! Anyhow, I almost give up and return it but then I've tried a 3 inch cooling gel memory foam topper. And it worked! I think that gives just enough firmness that we needed and have the movement flexibility at the same time. A lot of trial and error but I'm glad we get to keep this. So yah! If you sleep on your sides at all, you might need to invest in another memory foam topper to make it work.

Lives up to other reviews

If you want a firm but comfortable mattress you should consider this one. Other reviews say it may not be so good for a side-sleeper, but I am one and sleep well on it. Quality of the mattress appears high and I believe it will hold up well over the years.

Airweave is firm, but I like it

I like the firm mattress a lot because it supports my back better. Airweave is firm but not uncomfortable. It supports my back really well.

Best mattress

Finally found a firm high quality mattress that will last. My husband and I both love it. We miss it when we travel and can’t wait to get home to our bed. Plan on purchasing another for our guest bedroom.

Amazing sleep, back pain solved

The airweave is nothing short of amazing. It truly sleeps cool, unlike memory foam, and provides the firm support we like. Probably best for back and stomach sleep, but I do sleep on my side and find it comfortable as well. Hubby no longer wakes up with back pain! We are enjoying the best sleep ever.

Great mattress

This is the firmest mattress in the market I can find.

I really like this mattress.

I really like this mattress. It is very sturdy and has helped relieve my back and neck pain. I did though need to put a thin piece of foam on top of it, as it was too hard for me at first. I am very happy with this purchase.

firm mattress! love it!

was never satisfied with the firm mattress from other brands. finally find a real firm mattress. air weave mattress was able to give enough support for my back. it feels so good!

too firm

I woke up with terrible back pain 3 days in raw.. this is not for me..


I've always been a fan of hard mattresses.. I'd rather sleep on the floor than sleep on a soft bed. That being said, when I got the airweave I initially was scared it was too firm.. gone are the days of jumping across the room and landing on your bed without hurting something. Then two days later the constant back pain I've woke up with for the past six years WAS ALMOST COMPLETELY GONE. The sleep graphs on my smart watch are off the charts now. I also don't think I've ever been hot at night even under all the covers since I bought it. I'll never buy another brand again!!

Really firm and good temperature

Really firm and good temperature control

Very firm...we are loving it

Its really nice firm mattress. As per Consumer Report its firmness is rated at 10/10. Personally I would put it 9.5/10. If you are looking for firm mattress this is the one. I think it's a better alternative to coir mattress. It is very cost effective. Just that it is little heavy to handle (almost 50 lbs).

Nice firm matteress

Good for your back. Very heavy though.

I like firm matresses - This is my favorite

I grew up sleeping on firm mattresses. I’m lightweight ~120lbs and am a slim body type. I tried sleeping on a department store mattress that was relatively firm, but didn’t like it. I then tried tuft and needle, which was much softer than the dept store one. I disliked it as well; felt like I was working against the mattress when trying to sleep. Although, I will admit it felt nice when I got into bed cause of the softness.

But airweave is something else. It’s shockingly firm, but surprisingly supportive and has just enough “give” to allow me to comfortably sleep. I can’t recommend it enough if you like firm mattresses. I’ve forgotten about the troubles I used to wrestle with every day trying to get a good nights sleep.

Love it!

Great mattress. Best sleep ever.

love my new airweave mattress.

i've had trouble sleeping through the night for a few years and was not able to improve my sleeping quality despite exercises / acupuncture, etc. Little did I know that I'd be able to sleep through the night and wake up energized on my new airweave mattress. Love the texture and firmness.

excellent mattress

excellent mattress

So far so good!

My husband has trouble sleeping well for a long time, but he really enjoys our new Airweave mattress and had several high quality nights. The only downside we found is that the mattress is actually stacked by two piece thin mattresses. Therefore, while moving the mattress, they gets offset easily.

Nice mattress

Great mattress for stomach and back sleepers. Great cooling mattress if you get hot while you sleep. Firm and supportive, not a lot of motion transfer. No off gassing smell.


I’m an extremely hot sleeper who likes a firm bed. The Airweave has completely solved my hot sleeping problems, haven’t woken up sweaty even once since buying it!

best sleep ever

me husband always had back pain but after change to airweave his pain has reduced

Deep Sleep

Best firm mattress. No more lower back pain and stiff joints in the mornings...sleep is uninterrupted.

Perfect mattress

Perfect mattress

best mattress I ever have

I have back issue for years. but airweave mattress provide my back a great support; it's pretty firm. I would recommend this to anyone who has back issue

Love it!!

I tried first one at my mom's house in Japan and loved it. We bought our first one in the US a few months ago. It's been helping me to sleep better at night. My back and shoulder pins do not bother me while I sleep.

Sleep easy

A friend of ours has airweave, we checked the same and ordered. The sleep is very comfortable & wake up fresh. You dont sink and make an effort to turn or adjust.

Too stiff for me

Not impressive. It gave me back pain.

My wife liked it.

Support is good.

Airweave mattress

So far, so good. Seems very firm initially, but now I really love it. No complaints.

Excellent Mattress

I tried so many Mattresses before we decide to buy Airweave.....from Casper, to TempurPedic, etc. We really like Airweave for couple of reasons, as what they made from, they are as dense as other mattresses in the market but if you sleep on it you will feel more cool than other products, ,other reason is you can remove the mattress cover and wash it.

I am very happy happy with the airwaves mattress overall. Thanks

You Won't Go Wrong

I'm very happy with my purchase. After sleeping on this mattress for more than a few weeks, I'm convinced that this is a high-quality, well-made option for anyone who is looking for a comfortable, firm mattress. It's different than a pillow top, but you wake up feeling refreshed and your spine feels in alignment. This is a dense, heavier than average mattress, so it's a two person job to maneuver, and I also highly recommend having a strong, solid surface foundation/platform (not metal slats that can flex) that will support the mattress weight and prevent any sagging. Also, I was happy with the shipping, and the packaging materials protected it very well.

Airweave mattress

Very happy with my purchase. Have been enjoying my restful sleeps.

No back ache!

The Airweave takes a bit of time to get used to (a week for me), but I have noticed no back pain in the morning and decreased joint pain. The mattress really does stay cool and the temperature stays consistent throughout the night. I like the simplicity of this mattress. I don't wake up caught in uneven spots of a traditional mattress. Delivery was quick and set up took a moment!

Firm Mattress

I like firm mattresses. Since some people prefer soft memory foam, I wouldn't recommend it to those who won't like firm mattresses.

Marc P.

The service was great but the mattress was way too hard for us.


my lower back is now pain free and recover my from exercise is improved.


comfort, quality & customer service


we bought the mattress due to the hot weather. We have one that is natural latex all of it and it was very warm all year. This construction met my need for coolness and it worked great. Yet, it gave great support and I was for the first in several years able to sleep all night without waking due to heat or poor support. Great idea and great result. Next will need to see how long the mattress will last. The word is still out!

Great mattress

Some of my Japanese friends recommended Airweave. So, I decided to buy a airweave mattress. At first it felt a little bit too hard. But it is so good for my back. I was relieved from back problem.

Love it !

It was hard more than I thought, but I could sleep well and deeply more than before. I love it.

Best Mattress in the world

I use to sleep on soft matress my entire life, my roomate had this mattress and I was making fun of him because of the firmess. He told me I will understand once I sleep on it.

He left for vacation for a week, I slept on his mattress the entire week, I odered it right the way!

This mattress is like magic! I use to wake up at night, sweet in my bed, wake up tired, with this one I NEVER woke up even ONCE this is insane, I NEVER sweet neither, i have the most restfull sleep ever this is just magic I LOVE IT !

( Btw I am not doing advertising or anything I just so happy and satisfied about their mattress that I really want to share my experience!)

Good job guys!

Better Sleep

Less tossing and turning has lead to a more restful sleep. I now get up feeling rested more often than not. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 rating is that the mattress doesn't have handles for moving which makes it very difficult to handle.

Firm mattress

I like the technology and am impressed with the design features of the mattress. The ability to clean the bed is a big plus. The customer service is number one!

I would like the bed a bit less firm. However, after a month with the bed I am sleeping better and feel good. So perhaps the level of firmness is correct.


I would recommend

I would recommend airweave based on the way I feel when I wake up

Love the mattress

We love the mattress


It's a good bed, it's well made, and we sleep better on it.

4 out of 5

I'm looking for the "super" firm mattress, and airweave is the one. After I changed to airweave, my backache is getting better. And it's really cool. I used to use the memory foam mattress, but it's so hot. I live in the south, so I'm not very happy about it especially Summer time (and Summer in here is really long!). My husband has allergy for house dust, so it's also good that we can wash it. The reason I made it's little too heavy to move & wash. Since I live in the apartment right now, it might be hard to wash it in our bathroom. I may need to bring it to car care place! In order to do so, the weight is the issue, that's why I reduced 1 star, but I'm satisfied airweave mattress so far.

Comfortable Quality Mattress

We purchased Airweave mattress after we heard so much about it in Japan. We have used 3 months now and are happy with the purchase so far. I feel my back pain is reduced thanks to this air tight weaving technology that won't sink your body into the mattress.


The mattress provides even support but does not work well with a thick pillow when sleeping on your back.

Firm but great

We have had our Airweave for one week. It is firm - probably more than we expected - but after one week we are adjusting to it nicely and enjoying our sleep.

Sleeping Better

It applies the correct pressure and support to all areas of your body as you lay sleeping, regardless of the position.


as extremely light sleepers this mattress has changed our sleeping game.

So far so good

It's very firm than I expected, but fits my body. It is easy to roll over and comfortable. Its been a month i started use and so far so good!


Got it, love it will never use another

the "firmest" mattress that I want

I had used the memory foam mattress for 3 years. When I laid down, it's OK. It held my body well. But when I woke up, I felt my back to bottom sank, and made backache. Also it didn't let air through, so it's too hot during Summer (especially we live in south part of the states, so we have long Summer!). My husband has asthma and allergy for house dust, so I am looking for something food for him too. This mattress is perfect for us. It's very firm, so my back & bottom don't sink. And it lets air through, so feel much cooler than memory foam one. First 1 week, I felt it's too firm, but now it becomes comfortable. It's not cheap mattress, but worth to pay it.

Airweave Mattress Review

The Airweave mattress is much firmer than anything I have ever slept on. There is definitely no sinking into this mattress. I have found it is best to sleep on my back or front but not on my sides. It is like being on a soft slab. It dissipates heat much better than my old memory foam mattress.

Overall, a good just is taking a while to get accustomed to it.

Good mattress excellent support

Good mattress excellent support

We purchased a King airweave

We purchased a King airweave matrress after searching and comparing for what seemed like forever; and it was a solid decision. It is the perfect firmness with the right give and support. We do not feel the other person tossing or getting in and out of bed; and it does breathe well (you don't get that trapped heat like from some mattresses). It is a wonderful, simple, sleek design. Could not be happier!

nice mattres

Nice mattres , fast delivery !

Firm and fabulous!

We are loving the firm, but resilient mattress provided by Airweave. My sensitivf

Best sleep ever

Wow! It is the best mattress I can find out there

Do you sweat at night? If so, this is your matress.

A little too firm and cool for me, but if you sweat a lot at night this could be great for you. I paired my airweave with a three inch memory foam topper and i think it's perfect.

Airweave mattress

Costumer service was wonderful when there was a miscommunication on delivery. The mattress is exactly what we thought. We wake up in the morning with out a lot of aches.


I had high hopes for the full thickness mattress. My girlfriend and I like a firm mattress but this was way too firm for us. I weigh 210 and still cannot believe many people would want this kind of firmness. I hope this company can figure out how to make one that is softer because I would really like one. Their customer support was great on the refund. Fantastic concept.

The airweave Mattress is supportive.

The airweave Mattress is supportive. It works hard silently.

Paul D

Very different from a usual mattress.

We just got our bed all set up and we are very pleased. The mattress we had before was too soft and caused aches and pains.

Very pleased

I bought 2 of these mattresses for my sons.

I bought 2 of these mattresses(queen) for my sons who are both elite lacrosse players. They sleep better and recover faster on this mattress. They are not as sore after hard games/workouts. They love it.

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