Slumber Search 2021-2022 Disrupt $1,000 Scholarship Winner

Congratulations Samantha Carl Selorio of Nova Southeastern University!

Samantha's video entry for the 2021-2022 Slumber Search Disrupt $1,000 Scholarship focuses on disrupting the restaurant industry by creating a unique restaurant concept tailored to college students, which would captivate them with the untapped world of Filipino cuisine. She excellently highlights how her restaurant brand would align with her target market's desire to expand dining horizons while enticing them with a recreational and adventurous menu and design aesthetic. Further, she would build brand loyalty and further excitement with targeted social media campaigns.

More About Samantha and Her Winning Video

With fabulous video editing, transitions, and her own voice, her video takes us all on a journey where we can feel and see her vision come to life. As she wrote to us, cooking has always been a constant in her life, and through a recent inner journey of questioning and evaluating the industry, it's no surprise that her dream of owning her own Filipino restaurant is, in her own words, "truly something I want to pursue."

Majoring in Public Health, Samantha plans to graduate in 2024. With an impressive GPA, she is an Honors student and on the Dean's List.

On her plans at Nova and beyond, she wrote:

After undergrad, I plan to attend graduate school and earn a Master’s in Public Health. I hope to have a career in tackling diversity, equity, and inclusion issues to help minimize the prevalence of health disparities. By using social marketing, I can help change the narrative of diversity and the trajectory of health outcomes. Meanwhile, I will continue to learn and immerse myself in the restaurant business, equipping myself with the skills necessary to start my own restaurant.

We're very excited for her future plans to come to life.

We wish Samantha all the best in her future endeavors. Congratulations, Samantha!


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