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1800 Mattress Reviews is a subsidiary of Mattress Firm, which sells mattresses directly to customers online and over the phone. They are well-known for selling Sleepy's brand products, which have recently gone through a design update from Mattress Firm. In addition to selling a variety of bedding products from Mattress Firm, they also sell mattresses from Serta and Simmons Beautyrest. Their prices are mid-priced, and although their website is convienient, we think there are better options to be found online.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.1/10

Price Value: 7.1/10

No Back Pain: 7.2/10

Price: $78-$4399

Trial Period: 120 Nights (Fee Required)

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1800 Mattress's Specifics became a household name with its phone and online storeforont. It was later bought by Mattress Firm and still operates its phone and online experiences selling mattresses from Mattress Firm and also bigger brands.

What does that mean about their selection? They have less options than many in-store experiences. However, there are more budget-friendly varieties.

However, as with other mattress retailers, there is a hidden truth about these mattresses:

Prices for the materials used may be much higher unless you know what to look for.

This is because, when it comes to the name-brand options, 1800 Mattress has to pass on profits to them and also make a cut themselves. This means that a cheaper name-brand mattress may carry less value for the materials.

What you are buying is retail convenience online.

Read on to learn more about their selection...or browse our top rated alternatives.

Mattress Brands offers a variety of mattress options from Mattress Firm and name-brands like Beautyrest and Serta. We'll go through each of the brand options to discuss, what customers are saying and which ones may work for you.

So here they are...

#1 Simmons Beauyrest

Simmons Beautyrest is a name-brand mattress that is popular for their traditional styles and high end feel. Many customers reference their initial pillowy feel, when making a decision on comfort. These mattresses definitely do well in terms of initial comfort. However, there are some complaints about durability over the long term, which, combined with a mid-to-high pricepoint may be a painpoint for some sleepers.

The pros: High-end comfort with traditional materials. Options for most sleepers.

The cons: There are some complaints about durability over a short period.

Price Range: $397-$1499

Final Score: 8.6 / 10

Online Only: Check Beautyrest Deals

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#2 Tulo

Tulo is a mattress-in-a-box company that was created by Mattress Firm. Tulo makes 3 different mattresses, 2 memory foam and 1 hybrid, that come in a range of firmness and thickness options. While customers love the competitive prices, there are some who brought up issues comes with support and disagreements with firmness.

The pros: Competitively priced mattresses available in a range of thicknesses.

The cons: There may be some better options for those looking for more support.

Price Range: $279-$1299

Final Score: 8.5 / 10

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#3 Sleepy's

Sleepy's was acquired by Mattress Firm and turned into a budget mattress brand. They have a variety of options for those looking for memory foam and pocketed coil systems. Their mattresses use lower to mid grade materials, but offer a benefit in terms of value. Their mattresses have a variety of firmness options as well so will fit most sleepers. The biggest potential negative is that there are some reports of durability issues.

The pros: A variety of budget mattresses that offer value while fitting most sleepers.

The cons: Some issues with the durability reporting by some customers.

Price Range: $199-$1699

Final Score: 8.5 / 10

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#4 Serta

Serta is a popular name-brand that focuses on traditional mattress designs. They have a variety of mattresses in their iComfort and Perfect Sleeper lines that do an extra job focusing on supporting the spine and offering zoned support with pocketed coils. Customers mention that they are happy with the initial comfort of their Serta mattresses overall, but there are some complaints. Some have had issues with durability over a short duration, which cause a lot frustration for customers.

The pros: A variety of traditional mattresses with a variety of supportive options.

The cons: There are reports of durability issues that cause customers concern.

Price Range: $199-$1399

Final Score: 7.2 / 10

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1800 Mattress Alternatives

Right now is one of the best times to ever buy a new mattress. Over the past 5 years, there have been 100s of new brands come onto the market to sell mattresses directly to customers online. What this means:

There are better products for lower prices if you know where to look.

Buying a mattress online direct from the brand is one of the best ways to get the most value for the materials. If you are willing to spend a little extra time learning about online offerings and about what fits for your body, it can literally save you $1000s of dollars and give you better sleep every night.

If you are ready to learn more about why buying a mattress online direct from the brand is better than dealing with a mattress retailer, read our 2023 Mattress Buying Guide!

...or jump right in to reading our reviews for our Top Rated Mattresses.

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Called them and the salesperson was very helpful

Called them and the salesperson was very helpful. I gave him the qualifications and price range and he found a good mattress set for me. It arrived the next day within the stated delivery window, and the delivery men set everything up and left in about 5 minutes.



I second what Jennifer had to say about these folks. One star is being far too generous. I wish I had seen her post before wasting my money with them.

I went to their website to order the same mattress as a friend had bought, but used the online chat feature to ask if there was a similar FIRM mattress with a bit more top padding. "Steve," or whatever his real name is, told me I could get a real deal on a Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Shakespeare Luxury Plush. I thought this was what I had asked for, but when the chain-smoking delivery people arrived in their cloud of tobacco smoke and dropped off the mattress, I found that it was about as firm as a marshmallow, and far worse than the mattress I'd gotten rid of! It smelled of cigarette smoke, it had been dropped on one edge, there was soil on one end, and to add insult to injury it hurt my back.

I immediately contacted them about getting an exchange. I was told that they would have to get a manager to talk to Steve before they could do anything else. I have called, I have emailed, I have chatted online multiple times, 30 days have now passed, and yet I have never been called back by anyone at this company. Letters will be going out to the Better Business Bureau and the Michigan Attorney General.

I ended up doing what I should have done before and bought local -- I paid more at Art Van here in the Detroit area, but I got exactly what I wanted and needed, I got to try the mattress out in the showroom, the delivery was clean, neat and efficient, and the mattress was not smokey or damaged.

Terrible, corporate, impersonal

Terrible, corporate, impersonal, zombie employees do not give a damn about your experience. I am sure this is the case from top to bottom in this scam of a business. Do NOT order from them, at all costs find somewhere else.

We got two defective beds and a then a big problem getting the third bed delivered. They use very sceevy third party delivery companies, also are zombies to be kept out of your homes at all costs...

I am EXTREMELY dissatisfied

I am EXTREMELY dissatisfied with the level of customer service I have received from! If I could give them negative stars I would! I placed an order with them Thursday evening (4/4), before doing so I contacted them at 1-800-327-7720. I spoke with a man who explained that I could send the mattress back immediately to be swapped for another of equal or greater value if I was unhappy with it upon delivery. He also told me that they offer an in home trial and if within 20 days I decided I didn't like the mattress for $39 I could exchange it for one of equal or greater value. At that time he also took my zip code and explained the delivery process to me. Sunday I received a call from a representative to confirm my order. During our conversation he explained that because I was in Texas I would be subject to a 20% restocking fee if I cancelled my order. What?! I called to find out the return policy before I ever placed my order. The website even proudly declares they offer nationwide delivery on the homepage, without any mention of a restocking fee. He asked who I had spoken with Thursday and I explained I could not remember his name, but it was a man and I knew the time frame I called. He said that because I could not give him a name there was nothing he could do and confirmed this with a supervisor. I asked to speak with the supervisor, Danielle. She changed the story once again and now I am being told that it is a FINAL sale. WTF?! I asked to speak to her supervisor and she said she didn't have one, well upon further probing it turns out she does they are just not there on Sundays. I plan on calling tomorrow to try and get a straight answer from someone. I would seriously consider if you want to do business with a company that obviously does not care about customer service. They acted like I was just making up speaking with someone and Danielle was very rude. Avoid this company!

First off...

First off, let me say to stay away from here. I should know better, as I hate mass retailers and prefer the smaller mom and pop shops with everything.

The wife and I went here shopping for a new mattress. We were sold on the serta icomfort foam mattress and told that it has a 120 day sleep guarantee-and if after at least 30 days you arent satisfied, you can return it or exchange it.

Well, it's been 30 days and my back is on fire. My wife loves the mattress, but it isn't working for me. I visited the store to relay this information to them, but was told that for all exchanges I have to call the corporate center. Sure-no problem. I call the corporate warranty line for sleepy's (who owns 800mattres), and they aren't even aware about the 120 day policy with the icomfort mattress.

Funny to me that someone is selling a product and doesn't even know the manufacturer's policy. What's worse is that they wont do a refund, and actually want me to spend more on a mattress from their store. They also have tons of hidden charges-which they don't bother telling you about when you make the purchase (such as they will charge you a fee to return any mattress for a comfort exchange plus delivery, and then charge you another delivery fee if you were to purchase a new mattress from them.

So in my humble opinion, I would recommend staying away from all 800mattres and sleepy's stores-give your business to a small local retailer who probably knows the industry better than the guys work based on selling a mattress for a commission.

If I could give them negative 5 stars

If I could give them negative 5 stars, I would.

I was moving to a new home and decided to get a new mattress before I moved in rather than pay to have the old one moved with everything else. I thought I was being so smart to move the mattress in before everything else was moved. I had good experience with 1800Mattress in NY and decided to order through them again. Iordered a Stearns and Foster mattress and box spring. We settled on a delivery time in the evening -- 6-10, I think. At 10am -- 8 hours before the scheduled delivery time -- I got a call from the delivery guy asking me if I wanted my mattress earlier, like at 10:30. As I was not yet moved into the house, I wasn't there so I couldn't get there in a half hour. He said okay.

At 5pm I got to the house and waited for my delivery. I waited. And waited. And waited. Because the guy had called me earlier, I called him on his cell phone and got no answer. I called a few times but he did not answer the phone. I tried calling the main 1800Mattress number but they had closed for the evening given they are in NY. Eventually I left. No mattress was delivered during the window, no one bothered to call and let me know.

The next day I got a call from the local office and the manager apologized. He explained that the truck broke down. I asked why no one had bothered to call me. He then became defensive and said he did not know and had just found out himself. He said that he could reschedule and that it would be delivered at a particular time. I explained that I needed to have it delivered on time, rather than sometime during a window because I did not yet live at the house and had a lot of stuff going on. The manager "guaranteed" that the mattress would be delivered the next day at 7pm.

The next day I went to the empty house and waited at 7. I waited and waited. I tried to call the manager but no one answered the phone at the store. At 8pm, I received a call from the driver letting me know the mattress would be delivered at 8:30. I went ballistic after the driver told me the manager had given him a window of 7-10pm for my mattress to be delivered. I told him not to bother. The driver then told me that he understood I was upset because he had been dealing with all kinds of problems from the other driver whose truck allegedly broke down. Apparently the truck broke down but he did not bother to call anyone. Even though I wanted to get this delivery done as scheduled, if someone had bothered to call me and let me know that the truck broke down, I would have understood. I left yet another message with the manager and let him know I was canceling my order and that I expected a full refund.

The next day I received an apologetic call from someone in New York who said she would give me a complete refund. But before she would do that, she wanted to double check and ask if there was any way I would keep my order if they could "guarantee" delivery at a set time. I told her no way -- I had already waited around twice and that was it.

I called Sleep Train and got the same mattress delivered the same day. They were efficient and I like that they help kids in foster care. But really, it is nice just to have people who show up when they say they will.

They do the fulfillment

They do the fulfillment for W hotels mattresses. They are terrible.

It took 3 weeks and 2 attempts to get my mattress delivered. They were unable to follow directions provided in the order about scheduling, and showed up past the window given twice. The first time they came after 5 despite being told that the loading dock closed at 5pm. The second time, they promised I'd be first in the day's delivery but only arrived at 3pm.

Just had a terrible experience...

Just had a terrible experience. Ordered a mattress, was not as described. Then they tried to charge me a restocking fee and a return shipping fee???

Don’t let them fool...

Don’t let them fool you you don’t receive a nice mattress! :(

Best customer service experience!

Best customer service experience! Bed set delivered on time exactly as promised with emails, texts and phone calls keeping me informed of exact delivery time. Thank you for understanding the needs of your customers and deliver on your promise.

I cannot believe how bad this company treated me.

I cannot believe how bad this company treated me. I ordered a bed Friday. No call. No email. I tried to find it and they said they didn't know where the bed was. Then. After five phone calls anc canceling my order they charged 2400. To my credit card. With no bed delivery. Nothing. I'm trying to reach them now. I can expect another 45 minute wait on hold. Terrible company.

I got my Mattress 17 yrs

I got my Mattress 17 yrs ago know how I remember I came to Florida 17 yrs ago and didn't have a car so I call 1800Mattress and brought a queens set after 17 yrs no sunk in mattress, nothing pinning me, still like the they deliver, my friends was looking for mattress and was talking to the man about mattress which was same brand I have they wanted a lot of money she said No I will go to 1800Mattess I know there mattress are not just good but They are Excellent and lot less

Super sketchy

TL; DR: Super sketchy. Don't order from this company.

Great company (add sarcasm here)

Great company (add sarcasm here), delivers wrong items, promises exchange, doesn't show up. Never shopping here again. Will share this all over Facebook and reporting to BBB

So unhappy right now

So unhappy right now with the service and company. Unhappy with my purchase and I'm told if I find a similar priced mattress they can exchange it BUT I have to pay an extra $200 and I doubt I'd find a mattress at that price again. Horrible. I wish I never bought this mattress. Stupid me

I used 1800mattress

I used 1800mattress for the second time in five years and am truly disappointed. After only six months, one side is completely caved in and they are refusing to replace it. It has become such an impossible situation that I am going to have to replace it after only a year. My last mattress lasted for 20 years. Buyer beware!

Don't believe a word they say

Don't believe a word they say. I am so angry at 1-800-mattress. Ordered a mattress for my disabled son a week and a half ago, so he can have an overnight from his group home. (after not being able to do this for months due to a Superstorm Sandy house lift.) Delivery today. Now they tell me it won't be coming until July 4. Have arranged my day around this delivery. Cancelled appointments. Woman on phone, her name is Barbara, too, should be fired. She said they couldn't deliver so they changed it on her day off. They just told me this a half an hour before expectedd delivery. Whatever happened to customer service.

I just had a queen mattress

I just had a queen mattress and box spring delivered about 30 minutes after I got my brand new bedroom set. The guy lifting the box spring lost his grip and it slid and scratched the side rail in 2 different places. Not a satisfied customer at all. I was being pressured to sign it was received before I could even call to lodge a complaint. I need some resolution.

I have had the worst experience

I have had the worst experience and do NOT recommend buying a mattress thru this establishment. Dealing with Peter from corporate 1800mattress has taken eveey ounce of civility I possess and at least 10 years off my life. It has also cost us another night in a hotel. Do yourself a favor and deal with someone you can get to if the truck breaks down. :(

So apparently you guys can't help me

So apparently you guys can't help me. I called because there is literally a spring poking me and I can see it and everything. But because I bought this mattress a while ago I get little to nothing. This bed had become a hazard and the actual box spring is all wood and all broken but you guys can't help me? This is wrong. I always bought from you guys and recommend you but this is just crazy. The service makes no sense. Why say a mattress has a 10 warranty but when I need a new one no one can help me. Ridiculous.

what hell guys!

what hell guys! You're sooooo late and no call and your customer service guys went home. I have a confirmed delivery today - but so far no mattress, which means, I'll be sleeping on the floor tonight. Come on - you're better than this, no?

Now I have really had it

Now I have really had it and will NEVER EVER deal with you people again. I was delivered a wrong bed. I talked to my sales person, got no where, I spoke to her boss, NOTHING. So I went on here over a week ago to complain and was given to a customer care rep who told me my new bed would be shipped LAST MONDAY. Then she calls me Friday and told me they were going to deliver it this week and was going to call me back with the date. NOTHING, she won't answer any of my voicemails. Thank God I was financed because now I am not paying!! This has been going on since January 6.

The worst

The worst. I ordered a firm mattress and it was anything but firm. On closer inspection I found that it was made with a lot of foam and "memory" gel. I felt like I'd been in a car accident when I woke up so it's going back. Be sure to read 1000+ complaints on BBB.


.1800Mattress I came into the store looking for a new mattress. The salesman comes up to me and says "come out back, that's where we keep the best mattresses" then we go outside and he drags this dirty mattress out of a dumpster and says "you sleep on this you filthy animal" and then he started playing Party Rock Anthem on his iPhone. 2/5 stars.

Ordered 2 mattress/box springs

Ordered 2 mattress/box springs. Waited for delivery and the driver called right before 4pm (the end of the time frame for delivery) and said he couldn't make it til around 6 or so. We called to complain since we waited around all day and the man on your end said "oh well, thats not important". Really? Then the delivery guys show up with attitudes, a corner guard of one box spring is broken and he asks us if we have a staple gun to fix it!!! No! We don't work for you...... To top it off, when we went outside to leave after they left, they left their Burger King lunch bag in the street. I will be copying and pasting this for all to see and do my best to spread the word of your god awful customer service.

This is the worst company

This is the worst company I have ever had the displeasure of doing business with. 1800mattress has had my money ($450) for almost one entire month and the end result is no mattress and box spring and now I can't even get them to refund my money without a hassle. After almost three weeks and no delivery date scheduled, I called and tried to cancel the order but was told she'll call me back regarding a delivery date. Excuse for no delivery date being that the phone n...o. they were calling was incorrect--couldn't reach anyone, which wasn't true because someone had called my daughter regarding the issue of a delivery date. Even if that had been true they had three different phone nos. and an email address. I gave her my phone no., but never received a return call. I called again in two days...mattress and box spring being delivered that day. In the meantime I have a 10-year old grandson who has been waiting for his new bed! Truck broke down on the way; delivery would be later that day. Truck arrived with damaged and less than acceptable merchandise. Delivery was refused and paperwork filled out by my son-in-law. I called at 8:30 p.m. that same evening and cancelled the order. Now I want my money back but have been unsuccessful in getting 1800mattress to refund my money. I have been lied to on numerous occasions and it is impossible to speak with a supervisor. Just yesterday I was told by a very pleasant representative named Ed that he was going to help me sleep better because my money is being refunded to my account TODAY. I told him I already checked my account and no money had been refunded. He said check at the end of the day and it will be there. Here it is Saturday and no refund in my account! Spoke with two representatives today and they informed me that I won't be getting my refund until some time next week--probably Wednesday--takes 3-5 business days to get a refund. By my calculations the 5th day would be Monday, which in my mind is still unacceptable. Of course, they don't know why Ed would say such a thing and, as usual, I can't speak with a supervisor because no supervisor is available. I guess there wouldn't be a supervisor available because the representatives answering the phones are "working from home." This experience with 1800mattress has been and still is a nightmare--they've had my $450 for almost an entire month; they've tried to deliver damaged merchandise, which had to be refused at delivery, and now they have me jumping through hoops in order to have MY MONEY refunded. I have been jerked around and lied to on numerous occasions and I can't speak with a supervisor because no supervisor is ever available!!! So, if you are "thinking" about doing business with 1800mattress and their representative answers the phone and says, "how can I help you sleep better"--think again and immediately hang up! BUYERS BEWARE OF 1800MATTRESS!!!!

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